Llantas Sportrak y SafeHolder

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Truck Tire BYS98 (11R22.5  12R22.5  295/80R22.5 )
Product Description

1. SIZE: 11R22.5 12R22.5 295/80R22.5 315/80R22.5 
2. Certification: CCC, ECE, DOT, SONCAP, ISO9001: 2000, 
3. Service life 75-120% longer 
4. Acceleration effect 30% faster, retardation efficiency 10% 
5. Driving temperature 30% lower 
6. Heat barrier can reach 100-120 kilometer 
7. Tubeless wheel steering stability, manipulation of light, 
straight road and climbing performance is good 
8. Excellent safety performance 
9. EC combined mode 
10. Simple mechanism, reduction of cost 
11. High-wearingfeature, long life 
12. Better shock-absorbing capacity, more comfort 
13. Low noise, environmentally friendly 
14. Good air maintenance, refractory and durable ageing 
15. The Raw material we use is SMR20, so you can believe 
the quality 
16. Techincal: Pirelli, 3 BLET in the tire tread and with 2 BLET 
in the shoulder wedge 
17. With 13 steel wires to protect

Porque tienen 18 pliegos o capas.
Las llantas Sportrak y SafeHolder son las únicas en el mercado 
con 18PR capas. Esto las convierte en unas llantas muy 
resistentes y duraderas para malos caminos, ademas que 
soportan mas carga que similares con 16PR, por lo que el 
rendimiento sera mejor y obtendrá mayor durabilidad.